That subject has absolutely nothing to do with  this email but it got your attention didn't it? Or maybe not. So  there are a bunch of silly things in the email that you should  read. First, I got back the results  of my medical exam. Contrary to popular opinion I am alive and now I have  the paper to prove it. The paper also said that I was overweight.  For all of those who know me and have seen me you will know that isn't the case,  but remember we are operating on Japanese terms now and a person who is 5 11  shouldn't way the average American weight of 180lbs but should be no more than  160lbs. So like I've said, some Japanese guys here are as tall or taller  than me but they are sticks...anyone up for a nice game of tackle  football?  Secondly, last week my toilet  water completely froze over. I only discovered this AFTER flushing.  As the newly placed water was deflected from the ice onto my newly washed floor  I pondered lots of things...which I won't mention here. Thirdly, it is amazing when I  go to any restaurant here. When I walk in everyone in the whole store says  "Welcome to our store"...even the cook in the very back that can't see  anyone hears and chimes in. Then when I leave the same process occurs but  of course "Thank you"....and this helps especially at the McDonald's  and the KFC here because the concept of FAST food hasn't quite caught  on. Fourthly, I was at the gym  and noticed what looked like a Japanese soap opera. Seemed pretty much  like American ones (though I don't watch them), but they are more dramatic (if  you can believe that), all the women seem to be trained in some marital art  (they are always kicking the guys' butts), and suicide plays a role in every  episode. Lastly, I asked a teacher  where to buy ski equipment...he asked another teacher who said his son might  want to give me his. Well I found a pair of skis that someone left in my  closet when I actually cleaned it out and that teacher brought in a pair of  boots that actually fit and another teacher brought in I saved at  least $600...gotta love the Japanese hospitality. I know I zoomed through this  but I've been trying to shorten these.. Hope all is well with  you.