This isn't really an update...just a little  funny instance. So now that school is finally over I go into the Board of  Education everyday, which is good because I get things in the mail in all  Japanese that I have no idea what they are. Such was the case yesterday  and I brought it to the guy who could translate it for me...a good friend of  mine here. He told me that it dealt with the electricity and how it will  be shut off on friday since they were changing some things. No big  deal. Later that afternoon, when I returned home and was on my way into  the shower I get a call from this guy asking me if it was okay for him to stop  over quickly. Oh okay but I'm about to go into the shower...he said it  would only take a minute. Okay I thought but I have to go pretty soon I  might as well shave and get ready to shower anyway. So I am in only in my  boxershorts with a face half shaven, half shaving cream when he knocks on the  door. I open it and it's the man with his two daughters...who luckily are  only 5 and 3... but they were surprised just the same...and I was too...They  were bringing me a gift for my birthday which was last week...I made the  "ceremony" a quick one. Today I thanked the man again and  apologized for my lack of a better appearance...he laughed and apologized for  coming when he did...  One thing about Japan is that  everyone always apologizes to everyone else. I remember when I first was  learning how to ski and I ran into a bunch of people from behind...actually I  plowed them down...and they got up and said they were sorry. I just think  to myself "sorry for what? that you don't have eyes in the back of your  head and you couldn't avoid the out of control foreigner who bowled you  over?" Just the Japanese way.  Oh by the way, in case I didn't tell you, my sumo story that I  sent ya'll got published in a national paper for english speakers...pretty  cool. It has my by line, mugshot, and action photo (courtesy of my friend  Kristin Mann). Not only did I get that honor but I also got some money for  it. Makes up for the fact I didn't get an award.  This wasn't so little.