With even being an ALT like any job sometimes it can be a  little frustrating.› For instance when you ask a student outside of class,  "How are you?" a phrase they have practiced everyday for at least 3  yrs and they look back at you with a puzzled look while saying "Wa kana  nai" ("I don't know" or "I don't understand") or  "How are you?"› Or during class you give them a very, very simple  assignment like name some animals ie., dog, cat and they reply  "Muzukashii" ("That's difficult").› This reply is given  all the time to all kinds of pretty mind blowing simple tasks.› So the  teacher asks me to give the students words to play for pictionary.› You  know the game where you are given a word and the person has to draw it for  his/her team to guess what it is.› Now enter the Revengful ALT who has had  enough of their silly whimpers...so I gave them something to really  cry...er..say "Muzukashii" about by giving them words like  "sorry", "please" and "really"....and when they  looked at me with worry on their faces and that word "difficult" on  their lips I just laughed and laughed and said..."For once you are  right!!"› They got by okay...no fits of rage or keyings of my  car.›  ››› Now the next event in my revenge.›  First it must be shared that in Japan the idea of the simple game called in  Japanese "janken" is a wonderful phenomenon.› The game Westerners  call "paper, rock, and scissors" is as much of a way of life here than  that silly exported cartoon Pokemon.› It solves every minor dispute and in  this case if there is extra food from the school lunch and several people›  want it, it serves as a hand of blind justice dividing the spoils to the  winners.› I was hungry and at the surprise of everyone, teachers included,  I joined in on the game then won 9 straight times to get that extra jello.›  Don't mess with the revengful ALT...he could take the food right from your  mouth.›