Well there wasn't
really too much excitement.  No rice getting stuff on my toes...no missed
trains as I wound up in some far unknown land.  Pretty much a rather boring
week in comparison...so with little expectation here goes.  On Monday my
boss, the Superintendent (recall he is the grandfather type that sings old
American folk songs with me), asked if I was eating okay since I was a guy
and guys do not cook because it is "a woman's job".  I reassured him that I
was eating just fine and I cooked spaghetti and french toast quite well all
the time...not to mention my expertise in tunafish making to give my diet a
change.  He then mentioned how weight is equal to health (Americans should
be the healthiest people in the world...we weigh the most!!) and how I
should watch my weight to make sure it doesn't go down too much.  Well I
checked it the other day and I was 85.6 kilograms which didn't mean too
much to me until I got home and did the calculation...188lbs...so I don't
think weighing too little is affecting me at this point.
        Also on Monday I began the 5 day Japanese language lessons at the
office down the road.  When I got there they, the 2 teachers, started
talking in Japanese...was I in the wrong class?  I didn't know a thing and
I just sat there comtemplating the importance of language and
communication.  Finally they asked in english if we had any questions about
anything, to which I responded that "I didn't know what I didn't know and
therefore didn't have enough information to even ask a
question"...amazingly they understood this though the other ALTs in the
class had no idea what I said.  So at least by the end of the 5 days I did
know what I didn't know but I am frustrated just the same...still we had a
few laughs especially when we had to come up with questions that they would
translate into Japanese.  Mine consisted of the following:  May I have my
train ticket?  When is the last train to Nakanojo leaving?  Is there
another stop and change of train I should know about?  How far is Nakanojo
>from here?  and last but not least "How much is taxi to get me back to
Nakanjo?"  Needless to say last week's excursion to never-never land is
still very much in my mind...not to mention in the minds of my office mates
who remind me of it..just in case I forgot.  At least it is a good
icebreaker with people I just met, i.e. the school teachers and principals
I met last week...and eventually I am convinced it will be worth the 15,000
yen it cost me to experience.   Also if you have no idea what I am talking
about you need to read the last email or ask me to send it to you.
        Also on Monday I went to another spa place...let's just say you are
naked with a bunch of people of your same gender...enough said...let's move
        All week I had "dance lessons".  I am going  to participate in a
festival with my office and we are going to do this dance which reminds me
more of the back up dancers to Gladys Knight than actual dancing.  I
haven't heard yet on what we are supposed to wear to the festival but I
sincerely hope, for the sake of others and myself, I don't have to wear a
towel only...that would be really bad.  I also found out a reason why they
want me to participate.  It is said that a man who can do a dance will get
food made for him by many women.  So the basic reason I am dancing is for
food...hmmmm...well I guess if it works out when I get back to the States I
won't be a teacher but will do a dance for money...for some reason I think
Americans won't be so kind.
        Yesterday, Saturday I played in a softball tournament that the town
office sponsored.  Each section played each other and my section didn't win
it but we got a box of tissues for our participation.  I did okay and every
clapped when I made a catch in foul territory from shortstop...aftewards
everyone went to an enkai which is adinner party...that was fun and free.
I ate chicken, pork, fish that was still in tact and shark jaw and
gills..isn't that quaint?
        This week is pretty short but next week should be better.  I am
preparing to go with other JETS to climb Mt Fugi on the 29th...I will let
you know how that turns out...I have to go make a tuna fish sandwich.