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OK, so this is  Jeff's book in progress.

It is similar to my stuff in that both began simply as mass emails to family and friends in the States and elsewhere, and grew until we got too proud of ourselves and started thinking about publishing.  It's different from my stuff in that I didn't write any of them (except one).  Jeff did.  But I guess you could have figured that out already.

By the way, Jeff, as you might have guessed, is a nickname.  His real name is Jeffrey Thomas Adams, and he is from Connecticut and Kentucky (you figure it out).  He can be reached by email at <allamerican74@hotmail.com>.   But don't tell him that I told you that.

I         My first week or so in Japan
II        My second week or so
III        Another Update
IV        Japan Update 4 ... the saga continues
V        A rather boring week in Japan
VI        Tidbits and first couple of days teaching
VII      Another Update So Soon?
VIII     The Saga Continues More . . .
IX        The Teaching Zone
X      Crash and Burn in Japan
XI        Funny Times
XII        Danger, Danger Will Robito-san
XIII        Cultural insights ... for all who keep asking
XIV        Shrine after Shrine
XV        Wa's World (2x) Excellent, Party Time
XVI       A Man Called Jefu
XVII      Busy Details
XVIII     Japanese X-mas...bah humbug
XIX       The Adventure is Never Ending
XX        Cold Weather...could it be...Satan?
XXI       A Hunting We Will Go
XXII      Now Get Out!!
XXIII     Going to the Chapel and we're...
XXIV     Vegetarians Beware
XXV       Nude Big Boys
XXVI      Trivial Japanese Things
XXVII     A Little Funny From Japan
XXVIII    ALT's Revenge
XXIX      Party Like It's 1999
XXX       What do you want to be?
XXXI      When in Rome (Japan)
XXXII      Friends, Romans, countrymen lend me your ears
XXXIII     What did he say?
XXXIV     Japan: Where the Fat Lady sings early...

And more to come soon . . .

Last updated on June 8, 2000