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Part XXII   Quickie

March 8, 1999

Just a quick note, really an addendum to my latest email.

 It seems that I left the school to soon to see the really bad stuff. I just found out today that the day after the fight the school had to have someone come in and replace five windows in the teachers' room. These are not small windows -- in fact, by my estimation five of them would constitute one entire wall of windows. This is a small town, psychologically, and word gets around, so pretty much everyone who's anyone is aware of the situation by now.

 Also, the head of board of education finally sat down and talked with me for five minutes today. He apologized for not speaking to me earlier, but it seems that he has been particularly busy lately, since he was addressing the city council about the schools, a sort of year-end check-up. He was very nice, and he was even wearing the Notre Dame tie that I gave him. I imagine that this was a kind of conciliatory gesture, and even if it wasn't, I choose to think of it as such. Anyway, he told me that he would sit down with me and have a real discussion about the situation either tomorrow or the next day, and then he apologized again for taking so long. I feel a whole lot better about the board of education, especially regardign their attitude toward me, although the jury is still out on whether they are making any progress with solving the disciplinary problems.

Oh, and can someone please explain to me why the March 1 issue of Sports Illustrated reached me on March 3, yet the February 8 issue arrived today, March 8?