Choose my own adventure!

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0 Introduction
I First Impressions
II Economics
III Speech
IV First (and Second) Day of School
V Cultural Notes and Haircuts
VI Nasty Food and Another Assembly
VII Priorities and Sex
VIII Tokyo and Beyond
IX Not to Sound Sexist, But . . .
X Iranian Rocket Scientists and Organized Crime
XI Shoes, Dancing, Subways, and Subway(tm)
XII MVP Performance, Karaoke, and Soothsayers
XIII The Daily Grind
XIV Guam is Nigh
XV Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back
XVI School Lunch, Doctors, and Haircuts
XVII Follow Up and Rants
XVIII Language and Other Barriers
XIX School and Other Demons
XX Happy Thoughts
XXI Unhappy Thoughts
XXII Quickie (Follow up to Unhappy Thoughts)
XXIII Potpourri
XXIV Fugu and Flowers
XXV Dumbfounded and Dumbfoundeder
XXVI Japan on a Shoestring and a Rental Car
XXVII Getting Drunk With the PTA
XXVIII Summertime is for Sumo
XXIX Deep Thoughts and Sumo Results
XXX Trivia
XXXI The Second Coming of Heidi
XXXII Elementary, My Dear Watson
XXXIII The Long Weekend
XXXIV Condiment Craziness
XXXV Linguistic Gymnastics
XXXVI Back From The Abyss
XXXVII Once Again, I must Protest . . .
XXXVIII Adventures in Teaching
XXXIX What I Did Over Winter Vacation
XXXX Supah Boru
XXXXI Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow
XXXXII Noise Makers and the (Invisible) Man
XXXXIII Wackos and Teachers
XXXXIV Commie Central
. . . More to come . . .